There are different types of platforms to build standard websites with – including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.  At My First Website we tend to use the most common platform which is WordPress, as we find its flexible range of themes and plug-ins make it the most convenient platform when it comes to making affordable websites.  As long as it is maintained and monitored, we also find WordPress to be the most efficient platform for improving out clients Google rankings.

Since WordPress has been settled on, we will choose a theme that looks great for our customer, but there are also some other website factors to take into consideration.  We can save time and keep the cost down by purchasing a theme that ticks all the boxes when it comes to efficiency.  The theme that we use will have a complete contact form, flexible headers and footers, and it will also have an attractive blog.  To enhance security, we will also choose a form that is up-to-date and supported.  Depending on the client’s requirements, we will also keep an eye out for a range of page features including photo galleries, portfolios, booking forms and pricing tables when choosing the WordPress theme.

Content & Images

Images make a website and content ranks a website.  At My First Website, we provide enough content and images so that websites look great, while also conveying the range of services and products that our client has to offer.  It has often been a challenge to for our busy clients to provide content and images so we regularly do it for them.

Contact Forms

Email seems to work seamlessly but their is a lot of technical process going on behind the scenes.  We take email security very seriously and make sure all contact form emails are going out through a verified SMTP service.  We also employ tools such as Google reCAPTCHA to ensure none of our client’s contact forms are involved in spamming.


There are generally four different screens sizes in play when building a website – phone, tablet, notebook and desktop.  The screen resolutions between these devices are vastly different so it is important to test a new website on all these different devices.


A website home page banner, whether it has multiple slides or a single image, is usually the first impression a person may get of your business.  It is important to make banners look clean but fantastic, while also have a button, so the website visitor can click to contact you or get more information.

Google Integrations

Once a WordPress website build is completed, there are other things related to Google that My First Website includes in the process.  These include search engine submission, Google Local Business registration and Google Maps implementation.  These services will help your client’s find you whether you are taking up our SEO or Google Ads services or not.

Only the Beginning

There are many more things that we take into consideration when designing and developing websites for our Australian customers.  If you are in Perth (or anywhere in Australia) and have questions regarding your first (or next) website then contact us at My First Website to see if we can assist with your next website build.